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I work with  Sellers, Buyers, Relocation buyers, Commercial Properties. Developers, Builders. 
Acreage, Waterfront, Destination properties, off the grid properties.  New Construction, Flips, Condo's.   Land development, New home community sales and marketing. 

30 years ago I moved to Seattle and started my Real Estate career. I began working with a large local home builder in Mill Creek WA. I was trained, the corporate style of great leadership, compassion for homeowner’s and great training on the components of the home building process, from raw land development to a full bodied community of families and lifestyles. After 5 years I moved on to working with 9 large locally owned development and building companies. I have been involved with over 30 great communities in the Puget Sound area, from Issaquah to Arlington, Kingston to Bremerton, and as far away as Sequim and Ocean Shores.

30 years of real estate servicing gives you a great opportunity, it is filled with thousands of conversations about homeownership, financing, lifestyles, families,communities and commuting. 

I am also a proud member of an Air Force family, I lived on 5 continents before I was 10.  So when it came to moving and real estate I was ready for my career. Before my real estate career I was in finance, GE Finance, Accounting system analyst, USAA International banking. When I was with USAA I studied commercial real estate and the building industry and then moved to Seattle.

A decision to buy or sell any property marks an exciting milestone, filled with dreams and expectations personalized for you. It’s the biggest investment in your lifestyle. I take that very seriously, representing large corporations and homeowners, whether you’re a first time home buyer or move down retirement buyer, I have respect for your investment.
I have earned many awards in my career, from Top Selling and listing agent. To President Awards to RE/MAX Hall of Fame for the Pacific North West. It was through dedication to my clients that I achieve these awards. And having great builders to work with who listened sincerely to the customer. 

I have 30 years representing locally owned builders of the Puget Sound region, from marketing to finance to a full array of development and design and team leadership.

I can provide you with the best in the industry for research, and resources for my customers to accurately assess your real estate needs.

Thank you again for searching Mykitsaphomes.com. We look forward to working with you, it is a decision you can have confidence in because 30 years of experience brings you knowledge and trust.